About Us

From ancient times incense has been as an inseparable part of Nepal for offering to the deities, in temples, monasteries and private houses enhance intellectual ability, for mental peace and to balance physical imbalances in one’s body. Incense holds an invaluable role in Buddhist ceremonies and rites. Incense is thought to purify places rid people of evil so it has been an indispensable part of Buddhist Services from ancient times.

Founder Chandra Devi

During that time Bhrikuti was married to a Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo, Bhrikuti was a Nepali princess who brought Buddhism to Tibet and influenced the Tibetan culture of incense. Songtsen Gampo was the 33rd Tibetan king and founder of the Tibetan Empire, and is traditionally credited with the introduction of Buddhism to Tibet, influenced by his Nepali queen. Later,gradually burning incense in Nepal decreased and this culture was in decline. Later a Tibetan guru Lama came to Nepal and brought back this incense and started making incense and at that time our guru Chandra Devi received the blessing and learned every aspect of making incense and mastered the art of making incense from the Guru Lama. Since then our guru Chandra Devi continued making incense for daily offerings and producing incense for followers since 1960 AD.